Carri Wildman, Managing Advisor
“Carri turned an inquiry on my current homeowner’s policy into an unbelievable turn of events. She was not only instrumental in reducing my current premium with the same coverage, but uncovered the fact that I had been overcharged for the last four years. I highly recommend Carri and TVIP to everyone.”

Kasey Welch, Personal Lines Advisor
“Kasey is absolutely wonderful. I was so impressed by her when buying insurance for my home, that I not only walked out of her office with one policy, I walked out with five! She deserves a gold star.”

Allison Grant, Managing Advisor
“Between my recent car accident and the passing of a few close family members, Allison has been nothing but helpful and calming. She certainly talked me off the ledge several times. I am so thankful for her.”

Rose Connell, Private Risk Management Advisor
“We have dealt with many, many insurance agents over the past 4 decades and it is our opinion that Rose is by far the best. She has continued to work with us over the past several years, and due to her constant checking at renewal time, your company now has 100% of our insurance. I know about what makes a good salesperson, Rose is a very good salesperson.”

Cindy Cathell, Client Services Concierge
“Over the weekend Cindy did an outstanding job assisting me with a claim. She communicated with me in a timely manner and I haven’t had that kind of service anywhere else!”