The Villages Insurance 24/7 Emergency Response Team

The Villages Team Members of the 24/7 Emergency Response TeamThe Villages Insurance Emergency Response Team

Last year The Villages Insurance Emergency Response Team responded to nearly 300 emergency calls. In Person, Weekdays & Weekends, Day & Night.

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The Villages Insurance Partners team members stand in front of an ambulance alongside of EMTsOur team of licensed Advisors are on call 24 hours, every day. Answering frantic calls from homeowners who have had a pipe burst in their home, to personally going to the home of someone who has just been devastated by a house fire. We’re the calm voice on the other end of the phone line talking you through a situation and the reassuring handhold as firefighters are salvaging your treasures. Protecting our community and assisting our neighbors in their time of need is why we are here.

“I am so impressed with how the 24/7 Emergency Response Team took care of my friends, even though they were not your clients. It wasn’t just for show, the response team actually helped the home owners in their time of need.”

– Janet

 24/7 Emergency Response Team: Consumer Alert! Assignment of benefits: If you have damage to your home that would be covered under your homeowner's policy, you should always call your insurance agent prior to hiring a repair service. When you sign an assignment of benefits agreement you give the repair company any and all insurance rights, benefits and proceeds from your claim. BE careful, some companies bury this language in their contract. When you sign away your rights, your insurance company must go through the repair company and cannot talk to you about your claim. The insurance company may have strict rules on how much they can pay fro services and the homeowner may get stuck paying the balance if overcharged. Not a;; repair companies work this way and it's important to know that we work with many high quality, ethical service providers in our community. Please call us and avoid a situation like this from happening to you. 352-751-6622