Rose Connell, Managing Advisor
“We have dealt with many, many insurance agents over the past 4 decades and it is our opinion that Rose is by far the best. She has continued to work with us over the past several years, and due to her constant checking at renewal time, your company now has 100% of our insurance. I know about what makes a good salesperson, Rose is a very good salesperson.”

Les Roth, Asset & Lifestyle Protection Advisor
“As the stock market vacillates, we are SO grateful for meeting Les AND making the changes we did last summer! As our golf buddies agonize over potential losses, we can simply sit back and smile.”

Liz Bowman, Personal Lines Advisor
“My prior insurance agency put me through so many hoops, Liz has done so much to straighten out all of their messes. I know Liz will take good care of me. She has done so much already!”

Amber GeBaide, Concierge Advisor
“After a recent flood in my home, I was confused about how to handle my claim. When Amber came into the picture everything became easier to understand and communication was no longer an issue. She has been so very easy to work with, it has been a pleasure working with her!”

Naomi Peeples, Personal Lines Advisor
“Naomi is extremely intelligent and knows her stuff! She answered every question we had and got back to us in a timely manner. We absolutely loved dealing with her; she is one of the best insurance agents we’ve ever dealt with.”

Denise Hegarty, Personal Lines Advisor
“Denise is absolutely delightful! She was so upbeat and professional during our meeting. I greatly appreciate her honesty; it is just great to be treated that way.”